What I can do for you

I can support you in a number of ways.  Essentially though, I am a strategic hands-on operating partner.

I have great experience in providing executive level services as well as coaching and mentoring.  I can also offer ad hoc advice as and when it is needed and form lasting flexible relationships with you and your business. The one constant is that I will be honest, pragmatic, challenge-hungry and never shy away from rolling my sleeves up to tackle a problem with you. I believe that I am different to many consultants in this space, in that I do not like the idea of sitting back, advising and relaxing. Your challenges and problems are my challenges and problems; I would love to tackle them with you shoulder to shoulder and support you throughout the journey in a flexible manner to suit your needs.  After all, it’s likely I’ve experienced them before.


  • Practical CEO support
  • NED Services
  • Consultancy advice
  • Long term mentoring relationship
  • Consistently, across all services, provide an honest, pragmatic and challenge-hungry approach to facilitate the growth of your business.