I have faced, and overcome, many challenges throughout my 28 year recruitment career, in particular with regards to growing entire businesses or specific business units into new sectors or geographies, embracing the challenges of internationalisation in order to maximise global opportunities and overseeing organisational change and expansion. This includes the successful management of diversification strategies, growth and exit strategies as well as being able to react to changes in economic environments, market conditions or clients’ buying habits.

I am thoroughly passionate about all of the above. I genuinely enjoy business and seeing the success when businesses grow and energise the lives of those individuals involved in the process.


My Values

I am fortunate enough to be considered by some as an expert in my field. I am extremely open about sharing my knowledge and experience and enjoy coaching and mentoring others and seeing them thrive. I operate in a constructive and ethical manner and have the unquestionable belief in the power of “having a chat”. Straight talking, open-minded, solutions focused and innovative would be some key characteristics that I believe sum up my character.

In an increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace I have great ability and experience in understanding what is really needed; I remove the jargon and translate that so that their needs can be met, clearly, simply and on-time. These are skills that I enjoy utilising and love to share.


  • An exceptional coach and mentor
  • A constructive and ethical practitioner
  • Straight talking, open-minded, solutions focused and innovative
  • A ‘roll your-sleeves up’ executive partner
  • Solutions orientated and practical
  • Extremely well connected in and around the sector
  • Highly financially literate
  • Innovative and interested in questioning the status-quo
  • Passionate that recruitment is a customer-focused, value-add sector