“If you are considering the idea of a non executive or a business mentor / coach, I can’t recommend John Rose at Vered Consulting highly enough. If you want an easy ride and don’t appreciate honest guidance or feedback, then don’t call John, but if you want to challenge yourself and your business then most definitely do.”


“I found his depth of experience and knowledge of the recruitment sector quite inspiring”


“I would describe John as a first class leader, mentor and coach; he is very clear in his messaging and direction.  Whilst John has high expectations and is challenging in all areas of strategic planning, operational leadership and tactical planning, he remains supportive and inclusive.  He develops his team’s skills whilst striving to achieve ambitious results through tangible objectives.”


“John’s skills lie in all aspects of people leadership, commercial business management, strategic planning and delivery against agreed objectives, in addition to strategy planning and execution on acquisitions, mergers and integration of businesses.”


“John was able to coach me in many aspects of leading a business, dealing with adversity and clear (and tougher) decision-makng. Additionally, through John’s strong financial literacy and attention to accounting detail, I become a far more aware financial leader and was able to run my business in a more analytical and clear manner.  I came to rely on his judgement whenever I faced a difficult situation or decision.  His style was more to guide me through the thought process and decision making as opposed to simply telling me what to do. As a result, I know I grew and developed my own skills as a manager and, I hope, am better for it.”


“There are many examples of situations where John’s input and counsel has been both critical and invaluable in helping me achieve my goals for the business.  I have always been impressed by his sharp intellect, ability to discern the most important aspects of any financial report, and his valuable input to all aspects of each of the distinct businesses.  I have worked with some CEOs with various impressive talents in my past, and he is the most impressive on a holistic basis.  I know he evaluates things in totality and tries to arrive at courses of action that best reconciles multiple objectives as effectively as possible. I found his depth of experience and knowledge of the recruitment sector quite inspiring .”


“John has a tremendous and indisputable ability to sift through the rhetoric and find his way to the core of any matter, whether involving staff management, client management, finance or operations.  His ability to quickly size up an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, as well as a situation at hand, has proved to be extremely beneficial to myself and my business.  He possesses a strong understanding of national and international market forces and their current, and future impact.   “


“John has a wonderful ability to parlay extremely complex and serious matters into language that resonates with all levels of employee.  He is able to deftly accentuate the important pieces while ensuring the peripherals are known, but not dwelled upon.  He does this with a level of detail and memory recall that continues to impress. I found myself paralyzed by over analysis.  It was John’s clear headedness, keen eye for the detail and overall understanding of human nature that made it possible for me to navigate my way through, successfully. John possesses the ability to motivate and encourage the best out of anyone who has had the pleasure of working with or for him.  His demeanor and overall presence are consistently professional and first rate.  John’s leadership, guidance, mentorship and mix of humor made this experience tremendously enjoyable. “